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Korean Fried Chicken


Raw diced chicken breast x2

Chicken flour

Chicken marinade

Korean sauce

Spring onions


  1. Add chicken to a bowl and pour over the marinade, add salt and black pepper and mix so chicken is coated

  2. Add the chicken flour to the bowl and toss the chicken until nicely coated in flour

  3. If you have a deep fat fryer, fry chicken until golden and crispy

  4. Alternatively preheat a deep frying pan or wok with approximately 3 inches of oil and shallow fry chicken until crisp and golden

  5. Once golden remove chicken from pan/fryer and pat off excess oil

  6. Dice spring onions

  7. In a bowl add spring onions, Korean sauce and salt and finally add the chicken

  8. Mix together until chicken is evenly coated in sauce and serve