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Gambas Pil Pil


12 frozen prawns

1 red chilli

1 clove garlic

Olive oil

2 shallots


  1. Defrost prawns in the vac pac under cold water for approximately 30 minutes

  2. Deseed red chilli and dice finely

  3. Peel garlic and finely chop

  4. Peel shallot and dice finely

  5. Once prawns are defrosted remove excess liquid with kitchen paper

  6. Preheat frying pan with oil to high heat

  7. Add prawns, chilli, shallot and garlic to pan

  8. Fry together for about 3 mins until prawns shrink slightly and colour, tossing the pan regularly to cook both sides of the prawns

  9. Serve and accompany with bread as a suggestion