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Picante Chorizo


2 Chorizo sausage

Baby tomatoes

Red onion

Sweet Chilli sauce

Cooked potatoes

Herb mix


  1. Cut the chorizo into slices of approx. ½ inch thick

  2. Dice red onion finely

  3. Chop baby tomatoes in half

  4. Cut potatoes into wedges

  5. Pre heat frying pan with oil and add chorizo

  6. Cook gently until slightly browning

  7. Drain excess oil from pan

  8. Add diced red onions and potatoes

  9. Fry slightly tossing all ingredients together

  10. Add the sweet chili, salt and black pepper

  11. Fry until all ingredients are soft and the chorizo is cooked through

  12. Add baby tomatoes and toss together

  13. Serve and sprinkle with herbs